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TikTok is Not Getting Banned In Pakistan

  • TikTok is Not Getting Banned In Pakistan

  • Well, let's be honest Tiktok is all over currently as many folks area unit connexions this social media app to share their videos, currently the issue that separates tik tok from alternative social media applications is “Tiktok Challenges” that area unit totally different tasks determined by Tiktok management and frequently involve some clever or tough camera move.

    • Tiktok challenges have become additional and additional extreme with time as some them will truly cause loss of cash or health that is rarely an honest issue, however (Yes there's forever a however) the issue not bear in mind here is that the majority of the days its not the challenge but the user that makes it extreme and dangerous.

    • Recently a person from Nowshera stuffed a grievance against Tiktok and wished tiktok to be prohibited in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Tiktok is obscurity close to our favourite social media app, however, come back on you can’t simply ban a social media simply because somebody isn't feeling it, bear in mind the complete Youtube scene once Youtube was prohibited and VPN became a standard issue, same may happen if Tiktok is prohibited.

    • Pakistan as a rustic ought to be additionally hospitable to fashionable technology rather than blindly ban everything new as a result of if you wish to regulate one thing you must regulate it rather than a ban. ARY reportable that Tiktok is obtaining prohibited on 10Jan that has passed and no such ban is going on conjointly no official statement from any Government body has been issued.

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