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Windows or Linux – Which one the best? My Personal Experience

Windows or Linux – Which one the best? My Personal Experience

Windows or Linux – Which one the best? My Personal Experience

In this article, I'll discuss the windows vs. UNIX operating system software system. And additionally, share you why we should always use UNIX operating system.

I’m mistreatment UNIX operating system for regarding 2 years. tho' UNIX operating system has some limitations, its performance is simply amazing. With its powerful security system. I didn’t get a virus attack in UNIX operating system. Besides UNIX operating system, I’m additionally mistreatment windows seven too. I take advantage of windows firewall and Microsoft security essential in windows seven. I used to be attacked by virus double in windows seven. So, from my expertise, I need to share some recommendation for windows and UNIX operating system users.

Windows or UNIX operating system – that one the best? My Personal expertise

Windows or Linux – Which one the best? My Personal Experience

 Windows or Linux? – Some Advice & Tips

For Windows users:

Pirated windows are the most offender. it's a very cheap security system that causes of attack numerous virus. So, if you would like to use windows then use windows real version.

Microsoft’s security essential was simply resisting virus once they attacked, however, it ne'er took action before virus attack. due to keeping this application light-weight. Therefore, if you see the laptop have the virus however security essential doesn’t take any action then don’t afraid. however, if you've got any doubt, then my recommendation is to use Avast antivirus to require action against that virus.

Use firewall: From control board modify the windows firewall. The firewall can make sure you that your applications couldn’t get access to the net while not your permission.

Internet soul provides access to your windows several choices. it's an enormous form of security threat and one among the simplest means of viral infection. So, update your web soul to the most recent version or use another browser if potential.

Before victimisation, any software system certifies that its trust. while not well-knowing of software system don’t use it. If you would like to grasp concerning any software system then simply attend google.com/search and sort the software system name. it'll offer you a bit of careful data that software system.

For UNIX operating system users:

Linux would like security! once I detected this, you will assume that I’m simply jocose with you. however seriously UNIX operating system isn't except virus attack. It additionally might be attacked by an endemic. UNIX operating system malware is current server targeted as a result of UNIX operating system hasn’t abundant standard on the desktop. however once UNIX operating system is turning into additional standard, then the viruses can come back to the desktop. So, from currently UNIX operating system users should use caution.

Linux most power security its online repository. Their software system is tested and has no risk to use. So, use application from the repository as way as potential.

Most people use application from the third-party repo. we want 1st grasp well that repo.

It’s terribly simple to hunt root permission of UNIX operating system, simply add ‘sudo’ or ‘gksu’ before the command. So, think about the higher before giving the basis permission to a 3rd party application or application that isn’t put in from UNIX operating system on-line repository. the interior security system of UNIX operating system is extremely well, therefore, don’t worry concerning it. simply fastidiously handle it. however, the protection system has raised windows too. Windows seven is most secure from windows xp. After all, well security needs users awareness.

Now the question is why you ought to use Linux? Well, for a higher understanding of why you ought to use a UNIX operating system, install a UNIX operating system distro and do some development work with it. Then constant factor will with windows. Hope you may get the correct proof and well understanding. currently, let's browse some UNIX operating system facility.

Linux facility

1. UNIX operating system: is especially UNIX operating system based mostly system. UNIX operating system isn't UNIX operating system however like as UNIX operating system. you may have some opportunity/facility on software system development work if you employ a UNIX operating system based mostly system, however, in windows software, there are various difficulties to urge this facility. To browse additional concerning this simply search it on Google.

2. World’s most dangerous virus was written for windows, that’s why virus attack on windows. Windows program doesn’t add UNIX operating system, in order that virus can’t attack it. So, you'll use the UNIX operating system while not worry concerning virus or maybe antivirus.

3. UNIX operating: the system is that the terribly light-weight system. If you employ a Pentium four processor and 512 MB RAM or different previous lower RAM, then it ought to be useable. So, in a straightforward word, UNIX operating system is free, secured, free from an endemic that’s a promotion or promoting. however if you would like you'll use a UNIX operating system, break all the UNIX operating system components and analysis each} every half. nearly you'll find out about the software.


After all most people victimisation that windows that is free. as a result of the paid version of windows wants cash. So, after wear victimisation free windows, we tend to like as a thief! UNIX operating system is free and open supply. So, anyone will contribute with you in UNIX operating system. UNIX operating system has constant options wich windows have. Also, the UNIX operating system has no virus. So, I invariably recommend you're employed with UNIX operating system to urge higher performance from windows.

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