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Google pays tribute to Father of Pakistan’s cricket

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Google pays tribute to Father of Pakistan’s cricket

On Th, The leading web computer programme, Google paid tribute to Pakistan’s legendary jock Abdul Hafeez Kardar with its sketch feature on his 94th birthday that is widely known on January seventeen.

Google honours outstanding personalities and occasions with special logos that it calls ‘doodles’. a picture of a slugger taking part in a stroke on front foot has appeared on the looking website.

Abdul Kardar is wide referred to as the daddy of Pakistan’s cricket thought of one among the best cricketers of all time was born in the metropolis on January seventeen, 1925.

Abdul Kardar was the primary captain of the Islamic Republic of {pakistan|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} cricket team and one amongst the sole 3 players to possess vie to check cricket for each Republic of India and Pakistan, the opposite 2 being ruler Elahi and Gul Mahomet.

The former legendary athlete vies twenty-six check matches, representing the Asian nation in twenty-three of them and scored vi,832 runs, bagged 344 wickets in his excellent career.

The celebrated athlete was honoured with several awards, together with the unforgettable pride of performance.

Abdul Hafeez Kardar went into politics and served because of the president of the West Pakistan Cricket Board within the Nineteen Seventies.

In later years of his life, he served as Pakistan’s ambassador to Swiss Confederation.

Abdul Hafeez Kardar died on Gregorian calendar month twenty-one, 1996, in his home town of Lahore.

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