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Blog making money: earning $1000 a month through a blog is not a dream

Blog making money: earning $1000 a month through a blog is not a dream

Have you ever thought about writing a blog as a profession? In fact, this is entirely possible, yes, earning $1,000 through a blog is not a dream. The highest record of making money through blogs is far more than $1,000 per month. Today I will introduce how to make money through blogs and even earn $1,000 a month

Selling ad slots directly

Selling advertising space directly is the most direct way for bloggers to make money, and it is also the best way to make a profit. For example, if I love the boiled fish, the advertising space can be sold to around 1K RMB.

However, there is still a certain threshold for the direct sale of advertising space. You need your blog to have a certain popularity and sales strategy. So first of all, I think it must be an original blog, and it has a certain popularity in the industry so that it is possible to make money by selling advertising space for a long time. In addition to advertising space, it can bring benefits to advertisers elsewhere. For example, a monthly thank you to the advertiser's log (or advance this log) is a good way, you can also on Weibo. In the face of advertisers' products, some suggestions are made by advertisers to advertise more than long-term reports rather than just short-term click-through rates.

Despite the difficulties faced by many problems, the direct sale of advertising space has gradually been accepted by advertisers. At present, quite a number of well-known bloggers in China have begun to use direct sales of advertising space to make profits. Blog ads are more common for 125X125 ads. If you use WordPress to build blogs, you can use WP125's WordPress 125×125 ad management plugin to manage and sell ad slots, if you are like me, except for 125X125 ad slots. There are other sizes of ad slots so you can use Google DFP to serve and manage your ad slots. Of course, Baidu Advertising Butler can also be used.

Sale link

If you are interested in the advertising space I love boiled fish, here are detailed introductions and contact details.

Due to the characteristics of the blog, as long as the independent blog can easily obtain the external chain with high-quality articles, then there will be a good PR. For example, I love the boiled fish and always have PR 5, and even reach PR 6, then Selling links is the best way to make money without violating Google's Webmaster guidelines.

How to not violate Google's Webmaster guidelines, this scale is up to you to grasp, generally sell links related to their blog Hong Kong, or nofollow links.

There are now more platforms on the Internet that sell links, such as Link Worth, BackLinks, and Ask2Link, which I introduced earlier, are good platforms for selling links. Personal recommendation: BackLinks.

Paid review

Paid reviews are also soft texts. They are also the most common way for bloggers to make money. Due to the relationship between blogs, a considerable number of users actually use RSS tools such as Google Reader to read blogs. In some cases, the PV of blogs is not so high. It is not so fair to judge the advertising effect of a blog through the traffic of the blog. The media of the blog is more reflected in his content. If the product or service of the advertiser is good enough, the effect of spreading through the article of a well-known blog is very obvious.

In terms of paid comment platform, Feedsky used to have more cases in this area before it was acquired. At present, there seems to be no focus on doing it. There are few domestic ones. In addition, there are WoPush, a blogger writer program for catching shrimps, but there is basically no movement... But they are not focused enough. They don't have a big breakdown on the blog, and they don't have an in-depth understanding. The most important thing is that there is no strong advertiser support, so they are not successful.
Recently, the Malaysian advertising company Nafon also entered China. They are good at this aspect, and they have very good experience abroad, as well as the support of big brand advertisers, and look forward to their breakthrough in this field.

Of course, you can also accept the paid comment of the merchant directly. In fact, I just do this, so if you want me to comment on your service and products, you can contact me directly, of course, it is related to my blog and it is me. write. Contact: QQ: 1149710 / email: denishua@hotmail.com

If your English is good, then the market for English paid reviews is very large. According to my personal experience, the current paid review for the Chinese is SponsoredReviews. I have received a paid review of $500, and SponsoredReviews charges 35. After the fee of %, there are more than 300 US dollars.

Advertising Alliance

Ad networks are the most common way for bloggers to make money, and ad networks are divided into CPC and CPS ads (including CPA).

CPC advertising (click-to-advertising) is the most advertising model that everyone uses, and it doesn't make much money, but it's stable and enough to pay for domain names and space. For blogs, the best click ad network is, of course, Google Adsense and Baidu. I also introduced my personal Google Adsense's experience in setting up ad slots. I won't go into details here. The revenue of CPC ads is related to your traffic. Only your blog insists on original content, traffic is high, and income is natural. Taller.

CPS advertising (earning sales commission) is the most complete and best in China. It is a lot of e-commerce websites including Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon, Dangdang, etc. It is recommended by other companies on Taobao and JD. The products for your users, earn commissions, this can be done very flexible, do not need to occupy the advertising space, can be written directly to the blog, but do not make the entire blog into a product recommendation, and no other content, It doesn't make sense to write a blog like this.

To sum up

I always think that blogging is a life attitude. It is a very good thing to make money through blogs, but to make money as a blog, to make blogging a very boring thing, share life by blogging. Sharing knowledge and making a fortune is a very enjoyable process and I hope everyone enjoys the process of writing a blog.

I’ve introduced so many blogs about making money. I hope this blog will help you make money through blogs. Of course, you have better ways to make money. You are welcome to share. You can leave a message.

Next step: Know how to make money from blogs, how to start a profitable blog?

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