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Method of making money online in 2019 (big collection)

Method of making money online in 2019 (big collection)

Method of making money online in 2019 (big collection)

Taiwan's YouTube network red dance autumn wind. With a huge fan base of nearly one million. Through product advertising and other advertising revenue, the annual income is estimated to exceed NT$10 million. There are many ways to make money online, some of which are easy to operate, some require some skills. In addition, the gap in income is also very large. From less than one hundred yuan to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. What is the difference between them? What? The way to earn money is not much. You should be able to first select a net profit project with a large potential for income. Effort and continuous management. Start a good money-making field before you start to consider other online earning models. Engage in online money to avoid three minutes of heat. Constantly pursue the so-called shining objects (shining objects). The result may not be as proficient but also lost the opportunity to make big money.

Afford collects 30 kinds of popular online earning methods for your reference here. Whether you want to start a business online or work part-time, you can choose the right way to earn money according to your ability and time.

A. Zero-cost network to make money

This type of money-making model does not require capital investment, but you need to spend a lot of time to earn a considerable income.

Everyone on the Internet may often see a variety of money-making opportunities such as "Question making money", "pointing to make money", "letter making money", "recommending to make money", "registering to make money" or "surfing to make money". Investigating and making money by advertising is the most popular.

1. Fill in the questionnaire to make money

This can be said to be the most formal zero-cost earning model. You participate in market research of certain companies through the online survey platform, the company obtains the data you want, and you get relative money feedback. Usually, the amount of a questionnaire is mostly $2 ~ $3. The most famous questionnaires are as follows: OpinionWorld, Toluna Survey, GlobalTestMarket, Valued Opinions.

2. Make money by advertising (or make money by watching ads)

Clicking to make money is very simple and the threshold is low. It is the first way to make money for new netizens. Basically, the price of advertising is between $0.01 and $0.001 per click. More famous platforms such as ClixSense.

3. Make money with video games

If you often play large online games like GTA5, Black Desert, League of Legends, etc., spend a lot of time, your accumulated game equipment, props Or the game currency may be a lot of money, then you can use some video game trading platform to sell these things to the people you need.

Of course, there are many people in your own premium membership account who want to buy. In addition, you can also provide game-based services, or visit some game testing platforms, play games and earn some pocket money.

Game trading platforms worthy of reference such as 8591 Treasure Trading Network, foreign: Player Auctions, Account Warehouse
In addition, the Chinese large-scale game demo platform can refer to the mainland: Jiqu.com, Julian you.

Video games can earn more or less. Some people even set up a game team to set up a large-scale operation. Generally, individual players are not high-quality unless they are top players or professional e-sports players.

However, Afu is here to introduce a very potential game to make money, that is when the game is live. You can use YouTube, FB Facebook or Twitch to run your own game channel. You may not know the current world 10 Five of the big YouTube nets started from the game channel. Their annual income is over NT$400 million!!!
4. Shorten the URL to make money

Shorten the mediation platform through URLs, shorten the URLs of interesting, good-looking articles or videos. Share and post to social networking sites (FB, IG, LINE) or other sites to earn revenue.
It works by when a visitor clicks on the short URL link and brings an ad page to the destination URL. The general revenue is about USD $1.0 to USD $2.0 per 1000 clicks. This type of money-making platform Easy to apply. More famous is Adf.ly

5. Make money with the mobile app

The task items are similar to the above platforms. Mainly through the mobile app to watch videos, click ads, do surveys, play games, etc. to earn cash or gift cards. Interested friends can refer to the following money-making app: Big Time Cash, appKarma, GrabPoints, Make Money

2. Engage in e-commerce, sell products on the Internet

Selling things on the Internet is the most traditional and one of the most time-tested ways to make money online. The products you want to sell can be developed by yourself or by other companies. Distinguish between physical or digital (such as e-books, software, movies, etc.).
6. Open a store on the auction platform or online mall

The advantage of selling at the auction platform or online mall is that the website has high reliability and large visitor traffic. As long as your product is good and the price is reasonable, it can bring good sales performance. Its disadvantage is that you Must pay for the use of the platform (such as the cost of the frame, sales).

The well-known Chinese e-commerce platform is open-air, Qi Mo, Shrimp, Taobao, Yahoo Auction, PChome Store Street. Foreigners are more famous such as Amazon Amazon.

If you have creative talents and like to do handicrafts, then you can also consider using Taiwan's Pinkoi, the mainland's wow thiophene or the world's leading platform Etsy to expand business opportunities.

7. Open your own online store

You can build your own online store through Shopify, Shopline or WordPress plus the WooCommerce shopping cart system. Compared with other e-commerce service platforms like Taobao, the advantage of this type of self-service online store platform is that When you become your official website, it's easier to build a brand image and have more independent sales control.

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8. Dropshipping Transshipment (Direct Shipping)

This is a zero-inventory e-commerce business model. The operation method is very similar to the general purchase. After the customer pays for the purchase in your online store, you will place an order to notify the supplier to ship directly to the customer.

This e-commerce business model requires a small amount of money, and there is no pressure on the inventory. Detailed operation methods can refer to this article: Xiaojinzu's network shop shortcut.

9. POD sells T-shirts

This is not what you usually think of selling a T-shirt directly on a webcam platform or an online store.

Print on Demand (POD, Print on Demand) The profit model for selling T-shirts is simply that after you get the order, you are notified to the supplier to print the T-shirt pattern and ship it to the buyer.

The most famous way to operate this online earning mode is: Teespring + FB Facebook

Teespring platform is mainly responsible for your T-shirt blueprint display, shopping cart order processing, pattern printing and shipping one-stop service. Your main task is only the pattern design (can be outsourced to the receiving platform) and finds Network traffic (such as buying a Facebook advertisement).

Of course, in addition to selling T-shirts, you can also use this platform to sell creative mugs and mobile phone cases.

Using Teespring's POD to sell T-shirts can be said to be a combination of dropshipping and online crowdfunding. It has low capital requirements and low operational risk.

At present, Taiwan does not seem to have a full set of POD on-demand printing service platforms like Teespring. Afford found a similar website Logoless. You may try to use the Shopify/Shopline + Logoless + Facebook advertising mode to make a profit.

Other well-known on-demand printing platforms such as Merch by Amazon and Printful are also worth a reference.

10. Auction second-hand goods

You can usually look at things in your home that have not been used for more than a year. These things may not be used in addition to the seat. The best solution at this time may be an online auction!

You can auction through Yahoo in Taiwan, open auction. Foreign auction platforms such as eBay sell used antique goods, clothing or computer games, etc. eBay is currently the world's largest online auction platform. You may wish to focus on the business. Above this platform. After all, European and American buyers have a very large acceptance of second-hand goods, and bidding bids are relatively generous.

11. Sales Sub-license (PLR) products

Use of PLR (Private Label Right) to sell downloadable digital products. These include e-books, videos, application software or art galleries that can be transferred.

The copyright of a general licensed product can be roughly divided into all buyouts and partial buyouts. Many of the authorized products allow you to modify the content directly, translate and hang your own name when the author sells for profit.

Another place that is often used for authorized goods is to use it as a free gift to build a list of customers (List Building). As an important marketing channel for developing customers in the future.

There are quite a few access pipes for authorized products. The simpler way is to join the members of the authorized supplier platform. These platforms generally have two levels of free and paid. You can try its free products first. Consider a paid upgrade.

Afu currently uses this English IDplr.com. Of course, you can also find some authorized suppliers in Chinese, but it seems that the membership fee is quite high.

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