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how to make money youtube

how to make money youtube

Uploading Youtube videos can also make money, but how good is it?

When watching YouTube videos, there are often annoying ads right? In addition to the profitable methods of Youtube, the uploaders of the videos can also get some of the proceeds from the account. In foreign countries, there is even a so-called "professional Youtuber", which relies on the proceeds of advertising. So, how good is this (or how hard it is), how much is the foreign professional Youtuber earning?

Can anyone make money on Youtube?

First of all, not everyone has the opportunity to upload videos to make money. If you are not an advertising partner of Google, then your video must reach a certain degree of view, Google will take the initiative to send a letter to ask if you want to join the "profit plan", as long as you successfully join, you can become Youtube is one of the partners who make money. I received the following letter in 2012 asking if I want to join the profit plan (I don't know if the practice has changed):

Only partners who join the for-profit program can add ads to the video, and some of the money that advertisers who advertise will pay to Google will be billed to you. Now all the videos in Youtube that have advertisements are one of the partners in the profit plan. Then the key point is, take the video upload, put the advertisement, make a good profit?

Youtube earnings are open!

In fact, according to Google policy, advertising revenue is not public, so I will not disclose the revenue of my Youtube videos; but I can still tell you one of the data, that is, I can get 0.83 per thousand views (CPM). US dollars. More than 50% of my videos are from Europe and the United States, so this data will be between foreign and Taiwanese videos on Youtube. why? Because the revenue per thousand views (CPM) will vary according to different countries, and based on experience, Taiwan is usually lower than Europe and the United States, so foreigners’ videos will be higher than 0.83 mg per thousand views, while Taiwanese will Below this number (probably, if you have Taiwan Youtuber see this, you are also welcome to provide a digital reference)
What is the country with the highest income? Of course it is the United States! That's why the professional Youtuber, which relies on Youtube, is an American. Let's take a look at how amazing the US revenue is. The following is the famous " Ice Bucket Challenge " video by Youtuber HigaTV . He promised to donate in addition to the original. In addition to the $100, the proceeds from this challenge film will also be donated in full, so that we can just give us the information for reference:

According to the narrative, the original $100 was deducted. He donated (2186 + 662 + 219 + 418 = 3485) US dollars. Divided by the number of views of the movie, it can be calculated that it is about 1.69 US dollars per thousand views. It is me. Twice as much... Since I know that he can earn about 1.69 mg per thousand views, multiply this number by the total number of views on the channel to figure out how much he earned on Youtube:

Other case observations

Do you remember this guy who bent the iPhone 6? He not only folded the iPhone 6 in this film , but was later questioned for fraud. He also took a new iPhone 6 and went to the street to show it to passers-by. Everyone should think, God, this guy is too If you have money, it will be too wasteful:

But now that you know the high income of (foreign) Youtube, I believe there will be different opinions.The film has a total of 61 million views as of today, and with the CPM of 1.69, he is the film of the iPhone, which brings him more than NT$3 million in revenue! Fold an iPhone, forget about it, buy a BMW to hit it, there is still left, everyone knows!
In the same way, this row shot the iPhone, drilled with a drill, and hammered with a hammer. The revenue from browsing is far more than 10 iPhones. Spend an iPhone money and bring in 10 iPhone revenues. Do you think this investment is very cost-effective?
Not to mention a bunch of cute cats, cute babies, passers-by fights, driving recorders and other inexplicable red-hot movies, the uploader can say that it can earn extra money at zero cost. As for the foreign Youtuber, it will be a fixed time to upload the movie, just like going to work. Some well-known Youtubers like Smosh, as well as the HigaTV mentioned above, can be said that the cost of shooting is getting higher and higher. The props, the show, and the photography team have everything. It’s like watching a TV show. Youtuber can go to such a professional level. I didn’t think about it a few years ago, quite novelty.

Want to rush to upload videos to make money? Not so easy

Seeing here, do you really want to grab the camera and start to be a You-tuber? In fact, the channels mentioned above have accumulated hundreds of thousands to millions (Pewdiepie or even 90 million) subscribers. It is not easy to be as successful as them. You can look at many personal videos on the Internet. , funny drama, in fact, there are 100,000 browsing even very very high, want to rely on You-tube to make money, just like the artist is the same, it is not easy!

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