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Is it cost-effective to buy Tesla to open Uber? Uber driver experience sharing

Is it cost-effective to buy Tesla to open Uber? Uber driver experience sharing

Is it cost-effective to buy Tesla to open Uber? Uber driver experience sharing

Buying more than three million Tesla electric cars, is it worthwhile? Friends Station Addiction Technology visited Kery, the driver who bought Tesla Model S and opened Uber, asking him why he chose to use Tesla to open the business, and saved the oil money and the extra car price. ? Take a look at Uber driver and Tesla owner Kery!
Is Model S Tesla available as a Uber special car? Uber driving Kery said that there is no need to pay extra money of nearly 20,000 yuan per month. When charging, you can rest and have a sense of belonging. It is also comfortable to sit up and sit comfortably. Although you have to pay high loans, the quality of life is not reduced. Even if you open your own dream car work, this is a good deal for Kery, and you can live a comfortable life with careful calculation.

Uber Elite can also call Tesla

In addition to the test ride, you can also take Uber to try your luck. Addictive technology is lucky to call a Tesla Model S when calling Uber. Transparent roof, comfortable leather chair, no loud engine. The sound of the speed makes people feel good and honor when they sit in the car, but why would they want to open a million Tesla when Uber picks up guests? In this interview, Kery, the Uber owner of Model S, was interviewed. During the interview, Kery expressed satisfaction with the current working environment. In addition, the wife also strongly supported the decision and felt that the standard of living was improved.
In the middle of this year, Kery used Tesla to open Uber passengers. Of course, there was no shortage of passengers on the bus and exclaimed to sit on Tesla, but Kery recalled that the most interesting part of this period was that most passengers did not know. How to open the door, and even some people think that the door will automatically bounce, this misunderstanding is also Kery quite incomprehensible. Because Kery has a long passenger load, most of it ends from 12 noon to 4 am. In the process, it will inevitably encounter passengers who are drunk in the car, but Kery seems to be able to see such things. It’s very open, and it’s faint to say that it’s clear.

▲ Lucky to get to Uber of Model S Tesla.
▲The transparent sunroof can always see the sky outside the car, and you can watch the stars in the car at night.

▲In order to dissipate heat, Kery adds a set of car fans to the front and rear seats to dissipate heat.
▲Kery in the passenger seat area Prepare a variety of plugs to charge the user.
▲Push-type hidden handles make passengers often do not know how to open the door.

In order to save money, I would rather open Tesla.

Kery's full-time Uber time is about 2 years. In the first year, she drove a car for more than 10 years. For Kery, the fuel consumption of the car was particularly serious. Whenever I saw the Uber App weekly income settlement, It will be the actual income to deduct the oil money. According to the fuel consumption statistics of the previous year, the average fuel cost is about 20,000 yuan to 25,000 yuan per month, so Kery will pay special attention to how to reduce fuel consumption.
Kery's wife, Xiaomi, said that in fact, their couples are usually very cheap, and they spend a lot of money on every expenditure in their lives. Kery even joked that if you want to use tricks to describe it, it is justified. Therefore, in the case of weighing high oil prices, it was found that the purchase of a Tesla was required to pay more than 20,000 yuan per month, but it saved more than 20,000 yuan of oil money. Kery thought it was worthwhile.

▲ Kery couldn't help but groan and said that it is also a waste of money to rest in the car.

▲ There is no additional charge for the charging stations currently provided by Tesla.
▲Kery's rest time during the charging process.

Give yourself a dream job environment and decide how much you want to pay.

Of course, oil money is not only one of the incentives, but the biggest incentive is because Tesla is Kery's dream car after all. Although there are other oil and gas vehicles on the market, since Kery is determined to use Uber as a full-time job, I hope that my working environment can be better. In the past, the fuel-efficient car would be open for 10 hours, but nearly half of the time was in the car 24 hours a day. Of course, I would like to drive a car that I feel comfortable to drive and comfortable.

▲ Kery is almost half-sitting and comfortable during driving.

▲ Tesla's satellite navigation is quite accurate, and the Garmin on the top is for reference.
▲The vehicle near the path can also be seen on the dashboard, and the safety is also improved.

In addition to the increased comfort when driving, Tesla also gave Kery a sense of belonging. Tesla has added charging stations in many places, especially the fast charging service at the Neihu Terminus. It can be used for one hour in one hour. Sometimes, if you are tired, you can stop at the terminal and take a nap. Outside the sports car, it is difficult to have a place to rest, even easy to be driven, sometimes you have to pay extra parking fees, but if you are charging in the special parking space of Tesla, there will be no one, this is very good for Kery. There is no sense of belonging and rest.
▲The parking station that is parked at Tesla's exclusive charging station will not be driven away, and it will give Uber owners a sense of belonging.
Before opening Uber, Kery also had a normal job of nine to five. Although the working hours were not long now, the salary was very fixed and there was no way to get more extra income. For Kery, it is most important to have the financial ability to buy a house for 2 children to go to school. There is a big advantage in opening Uber. The salary can be decided by yourself. It takes time to get the salary. So since you opened Uber, you open your eyes and drive. The last thing before you go to bed is driving, only when your wife is on vacation. I will spend my day off with my wife and children. The working hours are clearer than before, but the income is relatively higher than before.

Exchange money and time for current quality of life

Kery is also prepared to face the depreciation and maintenance of the car. Kery has no intention of selling the car after all. Therefore, it is not very concerned about the depreciation and sales. As for the maintenance, it is planned to meet and do the calculation. However, based on the trust in Tesla, Kery believes that it is not so easy to enter the factory for repair, and now the smooth and open is very satisfactory. Kery's wife, Xiaomi, said that the money used in the family was very actuistic, but it is not good to have a good quality of life. So I want to make a breakthrough at this time. If there is such an unfortunate day, I will open it at most. Return to the original fuel consumption car.
Although Kery and Xiaomi are so open-minded in the front, they can see how much they cherish this car, whether it is the front seat, the back seat, the foot pad, etc., there are special leather cases and leather pads. The protective film is also attached to the easily scratched areas such as the handle and the front glove box. Even the car wash tool is placed in the front trunk. The empty file will simply help the Tesla cleaning to maintain cleanliness, and all the details are taken seriously.
Is it cost-effective to buy Tesla to open Uber? Uber driver experience sharing
▲ Tesla has no front engine, so the extra space becomes a simple tool for the Kery car wash.

Have a wife’s trust and support to have a brave attempt

After repeated analysis, Kery found that Tesla is cost-effective in terms of oil money, time allocation, working environment, comfort and even safety. It does not need to be afraid of fuel consumption and arrange for rest when charging. The driver's seat is also very comfortable. The most important thing is that his wife Xiaomi can also agree with her husband's decision. Kery can not only work in a comfortable environment, but the most important thing is that Tesla can make the wanderer in the outer sports car have a sense of belonging or squat. When charging, Kery gets a short break, not tired driving, and there is a big difference in mood.
Is it cost-effective to buy Tesla to open Uber? Uber driver experience sharing
▲ Xiaomi fully supports Mr.'s decision with his trust and understanding of Mr.
Is it cost-effective to buy Tesla to open Uber? Uber driver experience sharing
▲Kery will arrange a family trip with Xiaomi’s vacation time.
In the interview process, I can feel that Kery is quite open-minded and heart-rending. Kery always emphasizes that she is not a rich person. On the contrary, she is very economical and even feels that she is very tricky, but she hopes to have a good work quality in the course of her work. I don't want to pay for oil all the time, I don't even want to worry about the fluctuations in oil prices. I also feel that having a Tesla has improved a lot in the quality of life. I feel very proud to drive my wife and children.
During the interview, I actually saw the interaction between Xiaomi and Kery. I found that the main reason for Kery to stick to it should still be supported by Xiaomi. Xiaomi said with her firm eyes and cheerful smile that she can understand. Mr.'s thoughts, although there may be problems in replacement or maintenance in the future, at least Mr. is happy now, and there is still plenty of time to rest, so there is no reason for opposition. Kery said that maybe they were born on the same day of the same month, so they will be so in line with each other's ideas. Kery even said very emotionally. I really appreciate Xiaomi's understanding, always understand his own thoughts, and then try his best. stand by.
Is it cost-effective to buy Tesla to open Uber? Uber driver experience sharing
▲ Xiaomi always expresses Kery's thoughts and gives smile support during the interview.
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